Tuesday, December 14, 2010

So I over packed.

Sunday, 12 December, 2010
Tonight I'm babysitting overnight for friends and I had to bring all my own food with me. Not that they wouldn't accommodate, but I just thought it'd be easier for me to worry about what I can eat, instead of the mom who was already worrying about all I had to know to take care of her children. I was stressed that I wouldn't have enough to eat so I over packed. I have been to these friends' house a bazillion times, and I knew that there would be plenty of safe foods for me anyway, like fruit and veggies and cheese and nuts--especially because she is on the South Beach Diet. Okay. So I overreacted. As it turns out, I was so busy answering 8000 questions and solving 500 problems that I forgot to eat for quite a few hours, until the kids were in bed and I wondered why my stomach was so loud. Actually, it was very nice to be so busy taking care of someone else's needs that I completely forgot about my own. But a discussion of my childlessness is the topic for another blog, not this one.

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