Sunday, December 19, 2010

Meh Muffins

I baked quinoa cornbread muffins to accompany our ham bone & lima bean soup this afternoon. I followed the GF recipe exactly and they looked pretty good: fluffed up like normal muffins and had a lovely soft texture. They tasted...just...meh. I can definitely taste the sorghum flour and it definitely has an odd aftertaste. I wonder if I'll just get used to it, like I did diet soda? With enough butter and honey, though, the muffins weren't bad.

On a brighter note, I actually remembered learning something in world history class years ago about quinoa. I know--I'm shocked, too (that I remembered something from history class, that is); I have a mental block against remembering world history and rules to card games. Anyhoo, I remembered something about quinoa feeding the ancient Inca empire. Or maybe I just learned that from reading the side of a cereal box.

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