Friday, December 31, 2010

Possibly Party-Worthy

Time for a little celebration (it is, after all, New Years Eve). Still hurting from a disastrous attempt at Lemon Bars the other night (for guests, no less), tonight I managed to bake a batch of GF brownie bites that just possibly might be party-worthy:

These tasty little morsels may be consumed by someone other than me at tonight's New Years party. :) I've learned that party-going is not difficult; I simply make sure to eat before I go and, as appropriate, bring something glutenless to contribute! Tonight's party hostess, however, called me up to ask what kind of wings I could eat and to assure me that there would be gluten-free items on the menu. That was very sweet and thoughtful of her, just one of many outpourings of love I've received from friends & family. I should write about that.

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