Wednesday, December 15, 2010

11 Kinds of Flour

Late tonight I finally got around to making my flour mixes. Hopefully someday I'll have enough time to bake with them!

It seriously looks like an old-fashioned dry goods store around here:


  1. What kinds of flour do you use for cakes? Do you need to use more or different leavening agents for them? I had a co-worker with celiac, and other co-workers that are vegan - and was assigned to make a cake for the office. I fudged my way through, but would love to know from someone with experience what to do next time! (I used soy flour instead of eggs for the vegans)

  2. I haven't made any GF cakes yet so I will have to give a real-life answer from the field, later. However, I *can* say that yes, you need a variety of flours, starches, leavening agents, and stick-ums (xanthan gum or guar gum). Most of the recipes I have call for some combination of sorghum, soy, and/or rice flours. They also require potato and/or tapioca starch. And then the extra "glue" gums. I'll share once I have tried it for real.